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About Us

ZEST Preparatory Academy provides a tuition-free, joyful learning experience for Douglas County K-5 students with a strong academic foundation focusing on literacy and leadership. 

What We're About 

 Provide an academically rigorous, supportive, and joyful learning environment that develops the leader inside every student for lifelong educational achievement and community service. 

We prepare the next generation of leaders to take their seat at the table and positively impact their communities.

Student Empowerment
We empower students with the necessary skills to take advantage of opportunities that foster academic, cultural, and personal growth.

Focus Areas



We intentionally teach leadership skills beginning in kindergarten, so our students are prepared to take a seat at the table and emerge as the next generation of leaders.


Literacy Focused

We teach based on the science of reading, to build a steady foundation in literacy. Our students become strong readers who love books.


College Preparatory

Our rigorous curriculum will prepare our students for success in college and life, so they can choose their path in life.


Joyful Learning

Our joyful learning environment helps students find the pleasure in learning, ignites creativity, and encourages joy within the journey.

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Discovery-Based Learning

 Our discovery-based learning approach encourages our students to take ownership of their learning by discovering new ideas and solutions to real world challenges.



Our student-centered classrooms focus on educating the whole child, so our students can grow socially, emotionally, and academically to be their best selves.

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