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Our Approach To Learning

College-Preparatory Model

Our college curriculum builds a strong foundation for future learning, it includes three components beginning with an intentional focus on language and literacy development to increase critical thinking and reading proficiencies for all students. ZEST Prep embodies a core belief that literacy allows access to unlimited knowledge as we ensure students become literate members of their community.


Language and Literacy

ZEST Prep Academy emphasizes a comprehensive language and literacy program that provides scientifically based instruction in literacy, oral language development, and language acquisition. In grades 1-5, we have an extended and double literacy instructional block for kindergarten students to ensure we develop strong readers who will express their intelligence as competent readers, speakers, and writers and can transfer those skills to other subject areas.

Leadership Development

Leadership is developed and cultivated. ZEST Prep intentionally teaches leadership skills beginning in Kindergarten, so our students are prepared to take their seat at the table and emerge as the next generation of leaders to serve their communities. Students will have confidence, problem-solving skills, and teamwork capabilities to enable them to lead fulfilling lives.

Students Building Windmill

Discovery-Based Learning

As a student-centered school, discovery-based learning encourages students to take the initiative and ownership of their education by discovering new ideas and solutions to real-world challenges, thinking critically, asking questions, and inquiring through problem-solving and collaboration. 

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